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SRED Clinic Strengths

Every company working on technology has a story to tell but many struggle to tell it in a succinct SR&ED-like way. I excel at finding legitimate SR&ED activities, not all of them obvious, and presenting them in their best light.

There is a certain level of proficiency that comes from filing hundreds of SR&ED claims for hundreds of clients. This gives me a solid SR&ED grounding.

My secret weapon is extensive experience handling SR&ED audits for claims written by others. In my close dealings with the CRA, I have gained a very deep and solid understanding of the SR&ED program.

This helps you in two ways:

  1. I know what flies and what flops with the CRA from direct experience with dozens of auditors. I know what to put in a SR&ED claim and how to present it, so you have the most comprehensive and defensible claim possible.
  2. If the CRA selects your claim for review, I know how to prepare with relevant details and documentation that will strengthen your SR&ED claim, giving you the highest chance for success.

My training as an engineer, vast industry exposure and deep knowledge of the SR&ED program, places me in an ideal position to assist you in all stages of the SR&ED filing process including:

  • Determining which of your R&D activities qualify as SR&ED-eligible projects.
  • Writing the mandatory reports explaining your SR&ED eligibility.
  • Determining allowable expenses and calculating your SR&ED credits.
  • Assisting you with more complex situations such as collaborations, multiple business units or changes in business structure.
  • Defending your claim in the case of an audit.

I have been involved with SR&ED claims since 2011, servicing a wide range of clients and industries including:

  • Software
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear
  • Biomedical

… and others. Key to my success as a SR&ED practitioner is my organized approach, strong technical background, and exposure to so many SR&ED filings that I can easily recognize where to look for SR&ED and how to flesh out your SR&ED story.

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