SR&ED Clinic

Recapture Your R&D Expenditures

R&D is essential: it helps you innovate new products, and to surpass your competition. But how do you recover the lost profit from the R&D cost center?

Fortunately, there is the Canadian government’s innovation tax credit, known as SR&ED, designed to inject money onto your bottom line in proportion to what was spend on research and development.

Get paid up to 64% of qualified expenditures that advance technology in some way (Ontario, varies slightly by province). In most cases this is paid by a cheque from the Canadian government that the corporation can spend however it deems fit, including further R&D, for which you can once again claim SR&ED.

Like any government program, there are numerous rules and unwritten best practices to be followed to qualify the SR&ED filing and reduce the chances of an audit. That is why SR&ED Clinic is here to assist you with your SR&ED filings, saving you a great deal of time and effort and ensuring the claim is solid and correctly prepared.

Benefit from extensive SR&ED filing experience and deep knowledge of the program across a wide range of industries including software, manufacturing, biomedical and others. SR&ED Clinic provides a comprehensive service which includes:

  • Determining which of your R&D activities qualify as SR&ED-eligible activities.
  • Identifying support work which can greatly expand eligible expenditures.
  • Writing the reports that explain how your SR&ED projects meet the program requirements.
  • Determining eligible expenses and calculating the size of your SR&ED claim.
  • Assisting you with more complex situations such as collaborations or changes in business structure.
  • Defending your claim in the case of an audit.